Conveyance case of the semiconductor chip and substrate.

Hyper gel sheet
Gel damper

Anti-vibration and shock absorbing sheets. And anti-vibration gel block for measuring instruments and precision equipments.

Gel tack

Shock absorbing / anti-tip sheet for anti-earthquake measures.


Shock absorbing gel to prevent damages of touch panel.

Pit cushion
Soft cushion

Cushioning material to prevent damages when doors hit. Soft cushion is softer than Pit cushion.

Pit cushion sheet
Soft cushion sheet

Transparency sheets to prevent slipping. Soft cushion sheet is softer than Pit cushion sheet.

Clear tack sheet

Adhesive sheet that is possible to paste and peel off repeatedly.

Urethane washer

Soft, transparency, and anti-vibration washer.

Cushion pat

Anti-vibration and Non slip pat.